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Spa Treatments

Hand paraffin treatment $20

Feet paraffin treatment $20

Hand and Feet paraffin treatment $35

Microdermabrasion: $100

Wrinkle Treatment 60 min $75.00
This instant face-lift treatment is specially designed for women 30 years and up. Infuse your skin with silk proteins, vitamins and vegetable extracts that reach deep into your skin revealing the younger you. Vitamin C is added as a bonus to this treatment, providing your skin with newly found strength and hydration. Lying about your age never looked so good.

Luxury Caviar Treatment 60 min. $125.00
The touch of luxurious caviar, rich in amino acids and essential minerals will intensify, moisturize and stimulate your cellular metabolism. Your skin will look younger, firmer and more hydrated then ever before.

Dermo-Purifying Acne Treatment $85.00
Melt your stress away with this purifying and calming treatment. This treatment combines the natural extracts and oils of marigold, carrot, and chamomile to deeply cleanse acne prone skin while removing impurities to take you to a place of complete nirvana. The end result is a softer, purer, more radiant you.

Balancing Treatment $85.00
Give your oily skin the perfect harmony, with a balance of fruity acids enriched with thyme oil and natural minerals that minimize pores and smooth the skin. The anti-inflammatory treatment leaves your skin smooth, fresh and free from any irritations.

Blue Mask Seaweed Treatment $95.00
Treat dull and colorless skin with VIP spa's exclusive light gel emulsion. The oxygen touches your skin, restoring vitality and youthfulness of your face. Let us show you the radiant side of you.

Anti-aging Treatment $85.00
Bring your skin back to your days of youth. This treatment renews the cells with its combination of ammo acids, lipids and vitamins. This formula was designed for dehydrated and more mature skin, all the benefits without the need for surgery.

Beauty Concentration De-reddening Treatment $95.00
This intensive program was designed for sensitive skin, affected by fragile capillaries and diffused Couperose. Tangerine, chamomile, olive oil, cypress and mint are just a few of the few essential oils specifically created to give you flawless results.

Calming Treatment $85.00
Indulge in VIP Spa's calming and healing treatment for sensitive and Couperose skin. These specially designed ivy and oak extracts have a unique effect on the synthesis of collagen fibers. The results are sensational.

First Lines Treatment $85.00
Never age another day! All skin types can benefit from this luxurious treatment. It improves the skin's moisture, elasticity and hydration. This treatment was specially designed with essential oils, marine collafen and seaweed extracts to soften and prevent the skin of maturity.

VIP Spa's Signature Facial $80
This classic European facial includes a deep pore cleansing, light natural exfoliation, rejuvenating facial massage and a customized mask designed for your personal skin. The treatment ends with a moisturizing treatment that refreshes your skin and leaves you with a radiant complexion.

GLA Atipica Face Treatment $85.00
This treatment was designed for Psoriasis and dry, scaly, very sensitive skin. The treatment stops the irritation and the scaling, flaking and dryness of the skin.

Firming Treatment $85.00
This miracle treatment works wonders for your skin. The deeply penetrating ingredients of marine collagen, seaweed extract and white thyme will leave your skin smooth and reduce redness while firming and moisturizing your skin, revealing a perfectly toned, hydrated new you.

Glycolic Peel Rejuvenating Treatment
VIP Spa's glycolic is an exfoliating and moisturizing treatment that naturally stimulates the production of collagen, while fading darker pigmentation. A cooling gel, containing water molecules penetrate and soothe the skin's surface, creating incredible, younger looking and smoother skin. $480 for a series of 6 is. Includes a Signature facial.

Glycolic Add On $40.00
Add a glycolic peel to the facial of your choice

Hydrating Treatment $80.00
This treatment is a heavenly moisture bath for your skin using essential oils and natural extracts. It's the only way to preserve and replenish your natural hydration, leaving you with the incredibly soft skin you've always dreamed of.

Mineral Mud Treatment $95.00
This treatment was specially designed for Rosacea and Acne frone skin. Mineral rich Peat (thermal mud) from Italy's thermal springs is used to reduce redness and calm sensitive, congested skin. Natural extracts such as birch, juniper and artichoke purify the skin, and increases elasticity. A series of treatments are recommended for best results.

PEAT Mineral Mud Facial $90.00
A purifying and calming facial for impure skin that is especially suited for sensitive and congested skin. Perfect for mature oily and impure skins as wells as non teen age related acne.

Pre-Teen Facial $50.00
This face, neck and décolleté treatment was designed for pre-teens. It was created provide moisture, balance and over all well being to the skin in the early days of youth.

Rigenera DNA $95.00
This treatment was designed for all skin types to provide an anti-stress, regeneration, and firming treatment. In addition, a mask sheet drenched in marine DNA will supply the skin with vitamins A, C & E in pure form, accelerating tissue regeneration and reducing the signs of aging, resulting in a more radiant, smoother complexion.

Teen Facial $60.00
This is a face, neck and décolleté treatment created to balance your skin and create perfect harmony within. Hiding at home and make-up can't fix your problem, but we can. Using all natural ingredients to purify, balance and nourish your skin we can nourish your skin to the perfect age. Now you'll look back at your yearbook picture and smile.

Vitaminic Mask $110.00
Improve your skin instantly with VIP Spa's pure vitamin mask face treatment. Restore and refresh your face and look younger in just one hour.

Whitening Treatment $110.00
This treatment was designed for hyper pigmented skin and skin spots. The clearing and purifying of the face, neck, décolleté, hands and body give immediate effect that restores a uniform color to your skin, while minimizing wrinkles. Through special formulas of minerals and vegetable extracts, VIP Spa can give you a treatment that protects and hydrates your skin even under UV influence, its our permanent umbrella to make sure you are always protected.

Matricol Eyes Complete Eye Treatment $35.00
Banish the wrinkles and swelling around your eyes with VIP Spa's perfect age fighting to combat every day stress. A complete eye treatment using a high concentration of hydrating oils, marine collagen, and pure chamomile extracts will provide you with instant results you'll notice every day.

Welcoming Treatment 30 min.
Feet treatment with salt from the dead sea. Treat callosities and dry thick skin. Softening, healing, nourishing, re-mineralising, moisturising.

Green Mask Treatment
This treatment targets the arms, buttocks, fatty cushions and abdomen. Finally, a treatment to achieve a desirable silhouette all year round. A formula enriched with Asian Centella, vitamin E, ivy, sage and sweet orange will combat water retention while eliminating local cellulite. This stimulating treatment makes the skin smoother, softer and tighter. $130.00

Shea Butter Moisturizing Treatment
Extend your tan and prepare for the colder weather using shea butter to deeply moisturize your entire body. Enjoy this ancient treatment and feel your skin become as soft as a baby. $125.00

Seaweed Mud Treatment
You can run, but you can't hide from this power packed treatment. Specially designed to eliminate the most difficult cellulite and promoting desired re-shaping of the figure. This miracle mud-weed will help keep tissue supple and elastic to contrast skin loosening due to the normal aging process. Lavender oil, ivy, sage, ginseng and wheat germ proteins are just a few of the beneficial ingredients we use to restore harmony and balance within your skin and create visibly toned and youthful looking skin all over. $125

Scrub Massage with Dead Sea Salts
This complete body treatment will awaken your senses, stimulate your body and soften your skin with a natural exfoliating treatment. Created from sweet almond oil, fine salts from the Dead Sea and gel marine, to effectively promote the circulation, draining and oxygenating of your entire body. We begin with a scrub consisting of soft friction moves that will provide you with a sensation of warmth and relaxation, followed by a sweet massage of caressing moves, to soothe and comfort you. End it off by being wrapped and pampered from head to toe. $120.00

We have created an amazing Aromatic, Energizing, calming and restoring treatment using a very ancient Ayuervedic treatment based on the therapeutic application of heat, herbs and oil. This Aromatic massage re-balances the body's energies, dissolves and eliminates toxins to restore vibrancy and calm to your body. A great cold weather treatment Total time 90 min. $ 150.00

Magic Honey Body treatment
This is a total body treatment that uses honey's magic secret, nourishing effects for dry, stressed and loosening skin. Enriched with sweet almond oil, lemon, caraway, rosemary and white thyme to promote muscle tightness, while preventing water retention, naturally exfoliating your skin for the perfect cup of tea. $150

Olive Oil Treatment
This new body treatment comes from the ancient Roman ritual of bathing in pure olive oil for the theraputic benefits of olive oil. By Increasing circulation, it improves skin tone and soothes your stress away. $135.00

Krioplast Abdomen Green Tea Treatment
This is the perfect treatment for a flat tummy. VIP Spa has perfected this slimming treatment for any kind of flabbiness or loss of tone on the abdomen area for post pregnancy or just a quick firming session. 55 min $105.00

VIP Spa's Exclusive Body Balancing Program
This is a balancing treatment of the body through a 5 step program done over a four week period. The treatment was designed to detoxify the body and improve the body's energy flow and prepare the immune system to keep you healthy. Cost $800.00

Glycolic Acid Body Treatment
This treatment was designed to target stretch marks, scars, peeling skin and dark spots on your body while exfoliating toning and restructuring as well as moisturizing for the skin. $95.00

Chocolate Decadence
This total body treatment is a lavish way to indulge in your senses and indulge your body in VIP Spa's euphoric Chocolate body treatment. This special formulation of natural cocoa from Italy, and sweet almond oil will lift not only your spirits, but your skin as well. Heated to the perfect temperature, to cover you from head to toe, fulfilling your every chocolate desire, with zero calories. We then pour it over your entire body to nourish your skin and stimulate your soul. Top it off by being massaged with a chocolate cream $150

Firming Breast Treatment
An ultra active treatment that lifts and reshapes while creating a firmer more toned breast. A formula rich in caraway, mint, patchouli, white thyme and natural plant extracts will seduce your senses and regenerate moisture. Essential oils with concentrations of all natural substances will improve elasticity, increase circulation and keep moisture in the heart of your skin. $85

Beauty Concentration Leg Treatment
This treatment provides a natural way to reduce the appearance of diffused capillary (spider veins) in a safe and non invasive way. This treatment reduces redness while building the capillary wall to correct this unsightly problem. $125.00

Body Firming Treatment
This treatment was designed to combat tissue relaxation and untoned muscle on any part of the body, providing you with immediate results of firming, reactivating and toning for a younger looking body. $110.00

Back Facial
This deep purifying treatment uses a combination of marigold, carrot and chamomile that deeply cleanse the skin and remove impurities. Designed for acne prone skin types, to reveal a smoother, supple back. Total time 60 min $100

Soy Soy Body Treatment
This exclusive treatment uses organic Soy, which is rich in Iso-flavonoids and phyto-estrogens producing visible tightening results all over the body. Indulge yourself to the most effective body treatment for decreasing the production of lipids, reactivating the skin and moisturize the whole body. Total time about 60 min. $ 125.00

Thalasso Eau Marine Treatment
The wonderful and therapeutic energies for the sea is now available at VIP Spa. Pure marine water mixed with Honeysuckle, Rosemary, White musk and Geranium to reduce cellulite, drain liquids, tone and firm the body. $125.00

Thermal Mud and Dead Sea Salts
The perfect treatment for Atopic dermatitis, Psoriasis, arthritis and rheumatic joint pains removes the toxins and extra liquids that cause the body to present the above conditions. $150.00

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